Power Automate Gallery (PAG) is a Power Automate for Desktop and Cloud service. The intention with this service is to:

  • Show self-automations that people are building
  • Help building flows
  • Easily and securely share desktop flows with anyone
  • Make life simpler
You may know services like JSFiddle, JS Bin, Codeply and CodePen. These services allow users to share their code with anyone by using a unique link, for example, the link could be posted to a service like Stack Overflow. Power Automate Gallery is a similar type of service, but it is built only for Microsoft Power Automate. For your security, our service automatically wipes out screenshots from your flow actions, could be a screenshot from your Windows desktop etc.

Power Automate Desktop is a RPA (Robotic Process Automation) tool.

Feel free to add new flows and publish them to our gallery. However, be responsible in what you save and share.

How Does it Work?
If you are just curious to see what Power Automate can archieve, you may browse our gallery and links. Some gallery flows have Youtube videos that show the flow in action.
If you would like to run gallery flow actions on your Windows desktop, then you need to download Power Automate Desktop (it's free) and follow install instructions. After completing these steps, you can copy and paste gallery flow actions directly to your Power Automate Desktop application.
If your would like to create and share flows to other users (with a unique link), then feel free to do so using add new flow (save flow to get a unique link). Feel free to share the link to public websites, blogs, discussion boards etc. Be responsible in what you save and share.
If your would like to contribute and publish flow actions and links you have built to our gallery, then you need to publish the flow. It will be added to our gallery after we have reviewed and accepted it. You may also submit links to our gallery without adding any flow actions.
How to Copy and Paste Flow Actions

These videos shows how to copy and paste flow actions (aka templates) to/from Power Automate Gallery:

From our gallery to Power Automate Desktop

From Power Automate Desktop to our gallery

Can I Create an Account?

At this moment, you cannot create a "traditional" account and log in with an username and password. However, while you are editing a flow, you can add your email address so that you can continue editing it at some later time. A flow administrator link will be sent to you by email. This is kind of an account but only for a single flow. If you did not provide an email address, then you won't be able to edit the flow after you close your browser.

In future, we might add traditional acconts to our service (please let us know I you would need this feature).

After saving your flow, you can choose to publish it to the gallery. A published flow cannot be directly edited. So, try to finalize your flow before publishing. Your flow will appear in the gallery after it have been reviewed and accepted by us. We may accept, reject or make minor adjustments to your flow before publishing it to the gallery. Your original flow will stay untouched and you may republish it (update your flow) as many times as you like. We always need to revalidate your flow before republishing. Most recent published flow will always replace a previous one.

Why use RPA, don't they provide an API?

In RPA world, it's very common that you want to automate an application or a website. Owner of the application or website either don't have a public API or won't let you use their API. Another use case why people tend to use RPA is to build integrations, RPA may be a lot cheaper for simple integration jobs. Just bear in mind, be sure you do not violate terms and conditions of the site while using RPA.

Copy and Paste Flow to Power Automate Desktop Does Not Work

We have observed that some PAD versions have issues copying flows to PAD. At least Power Automate Desktop version 2.18 had this problem. Add following code at the end of your flow to fix this issue:

# [ControlRepository][PowerAutomateDesktop]

  "ControlRepositorySymbols": [],
  "ImageRepositorySymbol": {
    "Name": "imgrepo",
    "ImportMetadata": {},
    "Repository": "{\r\n  \"Folders\": [],\r\n  \"Images\": [],\r\n  \"Version\": 1\r\n}"

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have further comments or questions: power@automate.gallery