Using Bootstrap 5 Components With JavaScript

Code snippets to help building web page automation with JavaScript.

Recording web page UI automation and then later running those actions will probably fail at some point when updating PAD application to a newer version. Therefore, it’s probably safer to build web page automation (navigation and actions) with JavaScript since HTML elements can be referenced by ID and class names.

These code snippets (see all tabs) are built for Bootstrap which is a widely used framework known by professional web developers and used in many business sectors. Run these flows in your PAD to see updated values on Bootstrap´s documentation pages.

  • Input - Set text value
  • Textarea - Set textarea value
  • Color picker - Set hex color
  • Checkbox - Select value
  • Radio - Select value
  • Switch - Uncheck value
  • Select - Set single value “Two”
  • Select - Set multiple values “Two” and “Three”
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